Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fancy Birthday Treats

I can not believe so much time has passed that my best boy turned 4. He is such a blessing to our lives!

During the day he spends time at an Amish family's house while Mr. Moon and I are working. Each year he takes treats to their home to celebrate his birthday. This year his birthday day fell on our spring break so we had some extra time to be creative.

These treats are super easy and fun.

The finished products are shown below. I promise if I can, you can.

{The original idea came from a fabulous Instagram Friend POSITIVELYPOLLYANNA and Etsy Shop Owner PANNAZZE.}

I have no idea why styled photos make me so nervous. 

In my non-professional blogger style my "during picture" is a MESS!!! We used cow and pig sprinkles from the Mennonite stores along with different rainbow sprinkles from there as well.

We do not have a doughnut shop so I bought packaged doughnuts from Wal-Mart. The straws are just paper straws that I cut in half.

Toddler Moon stuck the straw in to the doughnut, dipped them in chocolate and put them in the sprinkles.

As I was taking pictures, Toddler Moon wanted to snap a few. He did pretty great.

All you need are doughnut holes, melting chocolates, sticks, and festive fun sprinkles.

Don't you just love with little projects turn out exactly the way they are supposed to.

In other Fancy Farm news, this book is a must. I have so enjoyed pressing pause lately. My devotion in the morning really sets the day.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fancy County Fair

Last weekend our best blue ribbon boy showed Chops the pig at our local fair. He had such a blast and still talks about 'his' pig. 

Chops the pig is/was (not sure if he's been taken to the butcher or not yet) a ginormous pig weighing in at around 250 plus pounds. It's funny to me that C was not scared or intimidated at all by the pig.  I definitely can't say the same for myself.

Cole is definitely blessed to have two of the sweetest *pretend* girl cousins that love him so much and graciously share their pig so that he can participate too.

The PeeWee pig show was definitely like attending a comedy show. I laughed and laughed. Cole happily talked to the judge and I'm pleased to share that everything he reported was appropriate, just not accurate. He told the judge his pig's name was Bacon and that she loved to eat lots of Bacon. Hahaha! Oh the irony.

There is just something to say about the heart of a teenager when they are kind and loving to little people even when they don't have to be. Cole is truly blessed.

I took this photo to show just how BIG Chops was. Unfortunately the photo doesn't share how loud she was. When I say *she* I think it's a girl. May have to check with Mr. Moon on that one.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Fancy Mini Summer Trip

Mr. Moon, Our Best Boy and myself loaded up and headed North to Alaska, I mean Minnesota (name that tune) after a 9 hour drive with 1 bathroom stop (traveling with Mr. Moon) I had never been so excited to be at our destination. 

Cole LOVES his Aunt Sharon. It's funny that even though we are so far away with modern technology we honestly "see" her more than we do other family members that live in or near our town. 

Mr. Moon's sister lives on a horse ranch. It's so fun to see different farms and ranches. Their ranch is beautiful and definitely gets the most tidy award. 

I'm so excited to use this picture on a feelings and emotions worksheet for the kids in my classroom this fall. Can you guess the feeling...hungry!

Horses are honestly probably one of my fears. I don't know if it's because I was never around them as a child or the 1 time I played Donkey Basketball for a charity. {yes I know donkeys and and horses arent the exact same animal but tomato, toemato} 

Cole has horses at his sitters house that he gets to ride {thankfully} so he is much more of a natural.

The Charles family have the BEST dog. If Boss could fit in my handbag he would be Bossy Moon for sure. Cole loved playing fetch and having a dog listen and act on his commands. What three year old wouldn't?! 

Mr. Moon and I snuck away one morning to have a coffee date. He refused a picture of our drinks so I told him this was his payback! 

Mr. Cole was sure happy to sneak a couple sips of caffeine and sugar. {Those little dirty toes are ones only a Momma could love.}

Project nursery was in full effect. This is the only picture I have at the moment but I will definitely share more when the room is done. It's going to be AMAZING! 

We also made time for some girly pampering! I am in love with the Debrah Lippman color She Wolf that comes out in August.

I tried to snap a picture with no filter. It was oh so perfect for fall. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fancy County Fair Birthday

Our sweet boy turned 3. (In March)
This was such a fun party.
I say each year that I'm just going to do a simple party with cake and ice-cream. 
Maybe, next year I will succeed. 

Party planning and celebrating our best boy are two of my very favorite things. We had such a fun party and Cold had an absolute blast.

Here are some picture of our day celebrating our sweet cMa.

The adult cotton candy machine was a HIT. Who doesn't love fluffy sugar?!

You know those people that gift animals to children without their parents family is full of them. 

My favorite thing about this fabulous blogging world are the connections you make. I am so thankful for Kelly (who has the sweetest little Cowboys and precious blog) that made our invitations. She is absolutely amazing.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fancy Easter Basket


We had such a beautiful day yesterday celebrating our RISEN Savior.

Our church has a wonderful sunrise Easter service with breakfast, and a kids egg hunt. 
Cole had a blast and was down for his nap right when we got in the car to head home. 
In true fabulous Mom fashion I took a nap as well to be sure to be ready for family time after.
Poor Mr. Moon had to work cattle so he definitely missed out on the nap but throughly enjoyed Easter lunch.

Last weekend was Cole's birthday party so we kept Easter treats pretty simple. The bunny did stop by and leave a few fun goodies that left Cole pretty excited. I think sidewalk chalk, water guns, summer mister, and some bunny sunnies will be bunny staples for the coming years.

The best surprise was little sweet girl. Honey Moon moved to Moon Farms on Friday. 
{we are completely smitten with her fancy fabulous self}

She was not keen on posing in the basket, chair, or any of the other places I wanted to snap a picture of her. 

However, sister dog can NAP with the best of them.

Her droopy eyes and long ears have me swooning....until she piddles inside.  
Then I loose my mind and want to cry over my clorox bleach wipes.

Easter dessert is always my favorite and these yummy s'more bars were a hit. 

So easy and definitely a crowd favorite.

Recipe found HERE

Good thing Peep season isn't all year.  I would be in BIG trouble.

We had so much fun coloring eggs. Outside egg coloring on the porch is my jam. 

Cole loved coloring eggs and I loved that clean up was a breeze.

I hope you had a wonderful Blessed Easter.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Fake a Fancy Dinner

I am not a chef, baker, or anything fancy fabulous in the kitchen...however I am a foodie. I love trying tasty treats.
I also LOVE to try new recipes but I HATE to get a clean kitchen messy. {I think it's a serious sin} I blame this on my Mom. She never wanted me to help in the kitchen because I made messes; easily. 

During the week I like for my home to stay tidy so that means the least amount of mess in the kitchen is appreciated. I wish Mr. Moon liked cereal for dinner but he doesn't and he definitely expects a hot meal each night. {which he completely deserves} 

The recipe I'm going to share is not mine. I first heard of this pizza crust from a freezer meal class that I attended at a local Church. The pizza crust costs less than $1.00. I doubled the recipe because I have two hungry boys that LOVE semi homemade pizza.

This beautiful Mason Cash bowl is from Euna Mae's. I loved meeting Ms. Amy; her shop is seriously precious. I love,love,love that it's pink! 

The ingredients are nothing fancy and we add our own beef for hamburger. I realize this pizza is pretty plain; but oh so good on a busy night.

If you have a cutie assistant it definitely makes the job easier...except for the clean up.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fancy Faith

This month I was asked by a sweet book club friend to join her in a Bible study. I was nervous to say the least but oh so excited at the same time. I am excited to further our friendship while studying God's Word for us.

I have a dear friend Nicole that is my prayer partner, we typically touch base a couple times a month for prayer requests too.

This is my first Bible study and I am so enjoying it. It's the second week and we are following along with Women Living Well and the study of Matthew. 

{My bookmark is C's handprint with the verse I have chosen for him for 2015} 
{I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was the cutest idea}

I hate to admit this, but this is also really my first time sitting down with my Bible alone. 
I typically do a devotion but never open my Bible outside of reading in our Sunday School class. {awful I know} 

I know a new trend is Bible Journaling and what I think is so funny about it, is that my Great Grandma Marge was trendy {way before Pinterest} and used stickers and different colors in her Bible to mark special meanings and notes. The one special item of hers that I wanted when she passed away was her Bible. Most all of my memories include her cooking or studying her Bible. What a precious woman she was.